Friday, May 14, 2021


  • Axminster FM300BC £308.18 £249.96 1 249.96
    Axminster Dust Extractor Waste Sack x10 £11.46 1 11.46
    100mm Swept-Y junction £9.32 3 £27.96
    100mm Reducer to 63mm  £2.27 2 £4.54
    100mm Wide Mouth Inlet £16.00 1 £16.00
    100mm 45° elbow £5.44 2 £10.88
    100mm 90° elbow £7.81 2 £15.62
    100mm Blast Gate £7.22 4 £28.88

    I upgraded from the AWEDE2 to this FM300BC beast. It's a little big for the space I have for it, but it does mean it should be the last extractor I need to buy.

    1.5kW 1ph 230V motor and 2,000 m³ air flow @ 100mm inlet, large capacity with single 125mm and twin 100mm inlets, High flow efficiency impellor and collector housing, Base castors aid movement around the workshop, Plastic collection bag as standard, Optional pleated filter cartridge available to improve filtration.

  • Scheppach TiGer 2000

    £121.95 Amazon

    TiGer 2000s Sharpening and Honing System Professional Sharpening & Honing Results Made Simple - Even For The Amateur The perfect machine to eliminate frustration and costly errors because of blunt or incorrectly sharpened tools. The TiGer 2000s sharpening system cab offer superb, professional results that can only come from tools with razor sharp edges. The ideal machine offers all you need to start sharpening tools such as knives, plane irons and chisels. Features: Sturdy plastic body Grinding stone is suitable for HSS tools Full range of jigs and accessories available K220 Grit Stone for super fine sharpening.

  • I've seen a few interesting articles on creating static applicators instead of purchasing commercial units, a particularly good one being this video by Luke Towan, so here's my attempt at that...

    This is a small version, that might be a little under-powered, but it does mean it can run from a battery or a USB power source.